We specialize in small to medium size dogs, but will groom golden retrievers, labrador retrievers and similar sized breeds, 80 pounds or less. We can not groom extra-large size dogs.

Please remember to brush your dog daily to prevent knots and tangles. If you don't, these knots and tangles will turn into mats, which causes numerous health problems, including itching, irritation and skin infection. If your pet is matted, we will need to completely clip the coat short to remove all mats. At that point, we will provide a free consultation on coat care that will keep your dog healthy and happy in between grooms.

Our grooming hours are Tuesday - Friday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. We are closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


Pricing will be based on your pets breed, size, condition of coat, temperament and the level of services you select. All of our services include our mobile spa to your home. Please call us for an appointment.

For your initial appointment, we will request some information about you and your pet. For an example of that information, please click here.

Bath and Tidy Groom

Each Bath and Tidy Groom begins with a warm massage bath with your choice of premium shampoo, blow dry and brush out. We also trim nails and clean ears (removing ear hair if applicable), as well as trim paw pads and a sanitary trim on belly and privates. But your pet's spa experience doesn't end there ... we also lightly trim the face and feet to perfection.

Full Service Groom

For the ultimate in pet pampering, our Full Service Groom includes everything listed in the Bath and Tidy Groom, plus a custom haircut from nose to tail, usually with scissors and clippers. You decide exactly how you would like your pet to look, and we will work hard to give a unique look that complements your pet's personality.

Special Services

If your pet is begging for more, indulge with these additional services when you select the Bath and Tidy Groom or Full Service Groom:

  • South Bark Blueberry Facial shampoo and conditioner : $10

  • Deshedding techniques using specialized shampoos and conditioners: $10

  • Moisturizing conditioner: $5

  • Teeth brushing: $5

  • Flea treatment: $10

We're looking forward to giving your four-legged friend a special spa experience!

Our Policy

All services are based on coat condition, size of dog and behavior.

Please allow 24 hours notice if you must change or reschedule your appointment. Failure to do so will result in a $35 appointment fee per pet. However, we know that life happens sometimes and it is impossible to predict pet illness, accidents, etc. In that case, we will waive the appointment fee for the FIRST missed appointment ONLY.

At Good Dog Mobile Groomer, we take the time to learn about your dog's coat, temperament and any other issues BEFORE your appointment. During this consultation, we encourage you to be open and honest about matting issues, flea or tick problems, or if your dog has serious health issues. We're here to help to the best of our ability. Please be aware that if you do not disclose these issues up front, we may charge an additional $35 per pet, due to the additional time needed to handle these issues.

Aggressive pets will not be groomed. We encourage owners of aggressive pets to seek grooming through a veterinarian's office so the pet can receive what it needs in order to be groomed safely. If you are aware that your pet may have a temperament issue and fail to notify us, please be aware that you will be responsible for medical fees if we are injured while grooming.

We assess a fee of $30 for checks returned NSF, cancelled or closed account.

We will NOT disclose or share any information about you or your pet, including mailing list and advertisers. We may give you a call or send an email for appointment reminders or special offers.

If your pet needs care that is beyond our services, we may recommend to you other competent groomers or veterinarians that can serve your needs.

We may ask for your permission to photograph your groomed pet. Should you agree, we will email you the photo and have the opportunity to post your pet's photo on our web sites.